Accessory Valves

Accessory Valves Technical Drawing
Cylinder Accessories

Product Details

Pressures: Up to 5000 psi
Flows: Up to 45 GPM
Porting: Standard SAE (ORB) – Other options available
Materials Used: Aluminum, Steel, Ductile

Relief Valves

  • Used to control system pressure or the max output force of a hydraulic cylinder for motor
  • Oil flows through unless the pressure setting is exceeded, at which time oil flows back to tank

Single & Dual Pilot Operated Check Valves

  • Provides a positive lock in both directions of a hydraulic cylinder or motor to hold loads and prevent them from creeping / drifting
  • Will also prevent a load from dropping in the event of a hose failure.

Counterbalance & Over Center Valves

  • Used to control the rate of descent in lowering applications (based on pump output – not load)
  • Will also prevent a load from dropping in the event of a hose failure

Flow Divider Combiner

  • Will extend 2 cylinders at the same speed or run 2 hydraulic motors at the same RPM.
  • Equally divides output flow / equally combines return flow.

Cross Over Relief Valves

  • To protect the cylinder / motor / other components from pressure spikes.
  • Place between component (cylinder/motor) and the directional control valve.
  • Works in both directions