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Hydraulic Cylinder FAQ

  • Will the stroke controls damage my shaft?

    No. The segments are made from aluminum which is softer then the chrome coating on your shaft and do not cause damage.

  • How do I install the stroke controls?

    The stroke control segments or “pucks” clamp on to the cylinders shaft

  • What is a stroke control used for on a cylinder?

    A stroke control segment is used to control the return stroke of a hydraulic cylinder.

  • Can I use my Delavan cylinder in single acting mode?

    Yes. A breather plug is required which keeps contaminants and moisture out of the cylinder end opposite the oil. Please see ESR-021 for installation instructions.

  • What does ASAE mean?

    ASAE stands for American Society of Agricultural Engineers. ASAE was developed in order to create standards for products in the agricultural market. By adhering to these standards, consumers can ensure they will get the same specifications of a product, no matter where they purchase it from.

    ASAE is applied only to hydraulic cylinders with the 8″ and 16″ stroke.

    Cylinders labeled 8″ ASAE will have a retracted length of 20.25″ (Pin to Pin)

    16″ ASAE will have a retracted length of 31.5″ (Pin to Pin)

  • What does single acting mean for a hydraulic cylinder?

    Oil flows to move the piston/rod in one direction and load/gravity returns the cylinder back to its original state.

  • Why is my Delavan PowerMax Cylinder leaking?

    Dampness on the piston rod is a sign of a possible cylinder leak. Hydraulic Fluid leaks are caused by worn seals of the cylinder rod gland. (Debris getting past the filters, side load, shock loads, etc.) The good news is hydraulic cylinders are some of the simplest hydraulic components, making them easy to repair. In fact, you can do some of these repairs by yourself.

    It is recommended you investigate the cause of the seal leak to prevent your cylinder from leaking and needing repairs again.

    Delavan Fluid Power now offers seal repair kits for all Tie-Rod PMH and PML Hydraulic Cylinders. To find and purchase the correct seal for your cylinder please call 1-866-DELAVAN.

    When you call please be sure you have;
    1) Cylinder Part Number (ie. PML4024-150)
    2) Cylinder Serial number which is etched into base of cylinder.
    Our customer service team will be happy to help you find the seal kit right for your cylinder.

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