SmartFLO/Bypass-Demand Diaphragm Pumps

SmartFLO/Bypass-Demand Diaphragm Pumps Technical Drawing
Bypass Demand Diaphragm - Exploded View

Product Details

Bypass-Demand Pumps combine the advantages of both bypass and demand pump styles. The pump heads have a pressure sensing switch AND an internal bypass valve.

Pump Type: Bypass – Demand
Flow: Up to 2.2 GPM
Pressure: 85 PSI
Valves: Viton
Diaphragm: Santoprene
Ports: ¾” Quick Attach
Power: 12V – Wire Leads with 2-pin molded connector
Weight: 6 lbs.
Packaging: Bulk Box, Retail Box
Shipping: 6 per carton, single

  • 100% Factory tested
  • Self-Priming
  • Can be run dry
  • Custom options available
  • High Torque Motor for superior flow at pressure


  • Eliminates pump cycling
  • Works well with varying flow rates
  • Fits a wider variety of aplications
  • The best of Bypass & Demand
  • Can handle multiple output demands in one system
Bypass Demand Diaphragm Pump Application 3 Bypass Demand Diaphragm Pump Application 2 Bypass Demand Diaphragm Pump Application 1 Bypass Diaphragm - Exploded View

Additional Specifications

Selecting the Right Pump

Bypass Pumps continue to run regardless of pressure in the system by internally bypassing flow if the discharge outlet is closed. The motor and pump stay running and are ready to deliver full power as soon as the system outlets are re-opened. However, if the system outlets are closed for extended periods of time overheating can occur.

Eliminates pump cycling and provides instant flow when needed.
Perfectly suited for variable demands in a single system.

Common Uses:
Spray bars, multiple outlet systems, whenever different flow rates are needed in one system.

Demand Pumps include a built-in pressure switch to automatically stop and start the pump at specific pressure settings. These pumps only run when discharge outlets are open and fluid delivery is needed. However, ON/OFF cycling at extreme frequency can cause damage to the pump components.

Pump only runs when flow is needed and offers reduced noise during system idle. Automatically turns pump off when not in use.

Common Uses:
Spot spraying, soft wash, single outlet systems.

Bypass-Demand Pumps combine all the advantages of the bypass and demand pump styles. The pump heads have a pressure sensing switch AND an internal bypass valve. These pumps can adapt to changing system demands to deliver consistent flow regardless of which discharge outlets are open. Once all system outlets are closed the pressure switch will activate to turn off the pump. Bypass-Demand gives you consistent flow on demand and eliminates pump cycling with any outlet system configuration.

Pressure Sensing On/Off switch, perfect for handling multiple output demands in one system. Eliminates pump cycling, and provides Instant flow when needed. Works well with varying flow rates

Common Uses:
RV and Marine systems, spray bar + wand setups, multi-outlet systems

Bypass-Demand Diaphragm Pump Product Lising

7822FS-221-BBI 2.2 Bypass/Demand 60 Viton Santoprene Quick Attach